What the Budget 2017 Means for Macbryde Homes

Macbryde Homes Reaction to the 2017 Budget

Yesterday, Philip Hammond announce a number of changes to the budget that will have an impact on the housing industry and Macbryde Homes. Our Commercial Director, Gwyn Jones, released the following statement to clarify certain points.

On the commitment to new homes

“It is encouraging to see a commitment to an average of 300,000 new homes each year, but the housing need is of such a level that we should be striving for this as soon as possible, and certainly before the mid-2020’s.

“Simply, the response we’ve had to our current developments across North Wales and the North West of England in the past 12 months has been phenomenal and demonstrates just how desperately needed new, affordable, homes really are. Even over the summer months when there is an expectation that interest may drop off slightly, we witnessed a three-fold increase in footfall at our developments. 

“An extra £15bn of new financial support to make this happen is, of course, welcome as the development of new homes is only achievable once the supporting infrastructure is in place.  It is, therefore, encouraging to see moves in the right direction to provide grant funding for remediation and infrastructure works on smaller and stalled sites.”

On the abolishment of Stamp Duty

“Finally, the abolition of stamp duty on properties up to £300,000 in value for first-time buyers will make a huge difference to many thousands of home purchasers taking their first step on to the property ladder.  We look forward to welcoming some of these into a new Macbryde home.”

Finding your new home

Overall, the budget announcement is a positive for potential new homeowners, who can now save thousands thanks to Stamp Duty being abolished. To find your new home in either Ellesmere Port, Woolton Village, Wrexham or Old Colwyn, visit our developments page or get in contact with us today.