£629 worth of savings to be made by investing in energy efficient new build homes

A new report released by the Home Builders Federation demonstrates the significant savings that can be made by purchasers of new energy efficient new build homes in England and Wales.

HBF’s report, “You’ve got the power”, was released earlier this month and, taking data from more than 1.3 million Energy Performance Certificates issued in the year to June 2017, highlights how more than 80% of new build properties have the top A or B ratings for energy efficiency compared with just 2.2% of existing properties.  As a result, new homes are using, on average, 103kWh/m2 worth of energy compared to 294kWh/M2 for existing homes.

What this means, in real terms, for the owners of these new properties though is a lot easier to digest.

Energy efficient new build homes in the UK

Simply, new build homeowners will spend on average £443.30 a year (£276 heating / £108 hot water / £60 lighting) on energy – well under half of the £1,072 the owner of an older home can expect to spend!  That’s a saving, on average, of £52 a month, or £629 a year!

Whether you chose to reinvest that saving by overpaying on your mortgage; splash out on an extra holiday or simply clear some bills, it’s a sum not to be sniffed at.  You’re also likely to see your savings grow given that fuel costs, which have already increased by over a third in the past decade, are likely to increase even further.

But, of course, you can also feel proud of your contribution to reduced energy consumption and when you consider that housing accounts for over 30% of all UK energy use, that could mean quite significant benefits for the environment.

Macbryde Homes meet the modern expectations

Macbryde Homes prides itself on the energy efficiency measures it employs at its developments across North Wales and the North West of England, as Stuart Andrew, Design Manager, explains:

“We ensure that the homes we build are equipped with modern, energy efficient central heating systems which can be zoned controlled to ensure you’re only spending money where it’s needed; low energy lighting throughout; insulated brick/block cavity construction giving thermal efficiency equivalent to, at least, the latest Building Regulations; plus, a high quantity of roof insulation.

“This is important as it not only shows our commitment to the world around us but also appeals to purchasers who want to both save money and reduce their own carbon footprint.  The appliances that we install also boast high energy efficiency ratings and this is an added coup for our purchasers who continue to demand quality, savings and style altogether.

You can take a look at our existing developments in the North West of England and North Wales here.