An energy-efficient new Macbryde Home can reduce your fuel bills

One of the main reasons our customers choose a new build property from Macbryde Homes is to enjoy reduced running costs as a result of lower energy bills.

New build homes are around 53% more energy efficient than older properties and generate over 60% fewer carbon emissions.

Plus investing in a new home can stretch your money each month, as it can reduce your energy bills as a result of highly efficient heating systems, double glazing and high levels of insulation all round. Reports say you could save up to £35,000 over the course of a 25-year mortgage!

We’re taking a closer look at the energy efficient features of your new Macbryde Home and highlighting a few ways you could save even more money.

Heating and hot water

More than half the money spent on fuel bills goes towards heating and hot water, so every penny you can save can quickly mount up.

Your new home already has an efficient boiler, but you can generate even more savings by using the innovative controls to only heat rooms and water when you need it most.


Kitchens in Macbryde Homes are equipped with efficient appliances including fridge freezers, cookers, microwaves, dishwashers, washing machines and tumble dryers where specified.

You can boost your savings even further by turning off appliances at the wall when they’re not in use as UK households spend an average of £30 a year powering appliances left in standby mode

Low energy lighting

We pride ourselves on equipping your new build home with low energy bulbs and LED lighting where possible. These low energy options can save up to £70 over the lifetime of the bulb.

You can save even more by turning lights off when they’re not in use and installing sensors on your external lights so they only come on when needed.

Not all of these energy saving features are available on every plot, so ask your sales advisor for more information on the savings you could be making!