Is Your New Home Ready for Winter?

Whilst it may seem a long way off, Christmas is less than 3 months away, which means that the winter months of blankets, heating and hot chocolate are almost upon us! With this in mind, is your home ready for winter?

Check your central heating

Whilst we have been enjoying the heatwave of the summer, it’s now extremely important to get your central heating checked by a professional – regardless of how new your home is!

During the summer, we tend to not use our heating very much, if at all. This inactivity means there can be build-ups in your pipes or your heating may not work at all when you come to turn it on, which is not ideal as the temperature drops!

By properly maintaining your boiler in your new home means there is less wastage of energy and money, so having an annual boiler check works out in the long run! It’s also essential to service your boiler annually otherwise your warranty will become invalidated!

Keeping warm is key!

Aside from making sure your central heating is working, keeping warmth in your home this winter is vital for your comfort.

Some ways you can manage this by making sure your insulation in your roof and walls is of high quality – something you can expect in a new build Macbryde Home. However, after a number of years of living in your home, the insulation may need replacing, so if you’ve been in your home for a while, we’d recommend getting it checked!

Another way to generate heat evenly in your home is to bleed your radiators regularly! After months of inactivity, your radiators may have air build ups in them which can prevent heat from circulating properly, resulting in a colder home! This allows your radiator to run more efficiently and for your home to heat up quickly and evenly.

It’s Not Just What’s on The Inside!

As we approach winter, more and more leaves will start to fall from the trees, resulting in blocked guttering and drainpipes on your home. To avoid a messy leak of your gutters, we recommend removing any blockages and grime before winter to ensure you don’t have any leaks to your walls and roof!

Another outdoor job to do before winter is to trim any trees and bushes away from your home. Not only will this prevent any foliage dropping into your gutters and all over your garden and driveway, but it will also stop any snow from building up resulting in broken branches. This year especially, there has been a lot of tree growth so it’s more important than ever to trim them back!

By following our advice, you will be set up for a relaxing and comfortable winter period in your new home, and if you haven’t yet found your forever home, why not get in contact with our sales team today?